7 Social Media Trends for 2018

Here at Object Liberty we look at trends two ways: style + strategy.  These 7 trends for 2018 are not only physical trends you can do or buy, but emotional trends to feel and try. Think of how you can use BOTH. Let's jump in!



Silence + White Space

Now that social media is such a "crowded" space, we're a little.......overloaded. Give the eyes and mind a break by allowing white space in design + imagery.
White Backgrounds do really well on Instagram, because it becomes a pop of space in a crowded grid.
Pro tip: Use whites; fabrics, papers, (faux) fur. Explore other textures and give your grid a little breathing room.
Source: Adobe




Authentic Engagement

This should go without saying, but quality engagement over # of impressions is key to connecting with your customers. The number of likes doesn't mean much these days, but genuine comments are what converts. This should be happening on and off your feed.
Provide value. Formulate something meaningful and start a conversation. Ask questions, provide advice like you would to a friend. Draw more out of others, keep 'em talking and coming back.



The Glitter Lip:

We've been seeing SO many glitter lips lately. Did you see Viola Davis at the Golden Globes? Umm yes please.
Big brands like Bite and Lancome launched metallic products and they are so pretty on social. I'm sure there will be more to follow. Vlada is one our favorites to follow.



Clean & Natural

With the rise of the growing wellness movement, customers are not only looking for their products to clean (as in, clean your skin), but be clean (as in, a product without cruddy chemicals). It's all about restoring to the balanced normal. Highlight the ways your product/brand commits to this movement. If they are free of parabens, shout it out! If you are cruelty free, let us know! Get a little Goop-y ok?
Source: Vogue



Micro purses

Runway tells us that our bags will continue to get smaller. As our phones get bigger?
Completely impractical and totally instagrammable, mini or micro bags are totally a trend this season. We can't wait to use them in our upcoming shoots.
Source Vogue




Style + strategy
Augmented Reality

As this technology grows, it's big because it lends the shopping & brand experience to customers from home. Think about Snapchat filter within a company's website or social media? waaaaaat.
Check out companies that are already incorporating this trend: Shade Scout | Sephora | L'oreal Makeup Genius | Vidal Sassoon | Honest Beauty | YouCam | ModiFace 
Source: Forbes | Popsugar


Style + strategy

This should be a given, but Fenty really rocked everyone's world in 2017 by introducing a full shade assortment at an affordable price. Rihanna really got it right, and now brands are scrambling to try and replicate this phenomenon. (Yay inclusivity for all!)This excites us because we want all inclusive makeup shades in EVERY brand, and we're excited they're catching up. Source: Fader




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