10 sticky tools I use to make my products stay in place.

Keeping product snuggled in place for good social media photos is a big deal. I usually work alone, so I don't always have an extra set of hands to help me when setting the scene. Here are some of my favorite affordable products for keeping product in place.

Quakehold! - This stuff is amazing, It is super maleable, sticks well, and is pretty inexpensive. The downside, is that it leaves a bit of a residue on items occasionally. 

Glue Dots - These clear gummy glue dots are essential when keeping things in place. They are a good substitute for quakehold. Glue Dots come in different sizes and are removable.

Fun Tac - The age old blue sticky tac. I remember using it in grade school to hang my work on the wall. Now I use it to keep mascara and lipstick tubes from rolling away.

T-Pins - I constantly use these when photographing apparel, as they are super strong, and easy to use. They can be used in almost all scenarios, just be mindful that you will leave a small hole in whatever you're pinning something to. Pro-tip: cut the head off with a wire nippers to leave the pin almost undetectable.

VHB Tape - This is a more permanent-ish solution. Definitely don't expect that whatever you're sticking with this won't get stuck or become damaged. Proceed with caution!

Armature Wire - This is a soft wire that is helpful to place non-rigid items in difficult gravitational situations. It can be used to fluff a handbag, lean products at interesting angles and the like. It can be used over and over, and comes in varied gauges for varying rigidity. 

Gaffer's Tape - This is like a MUST have for photographers because it is super strong, and has so many uses. It's relatively inexpensive, comes in different colors and widths, and will last you a long time.

Rubber Bumpers - Rubber bumpers create a little non-skid ledge for products. I've used it in photographing tableware and home accessories. It keeps things in place, and is easy to edit out. They come in varied shapes and thicknesses.

Shelf Liners - These are a dollar store gem I use when keeping smooth surfaces snuggly in place. Think plates leaning up, smooth surface items staying put. They can be cut into all sorts of different shapes depending on how you need to use them.. They are cheap to alter and easy to replace!

Painters Tape - The gentle giant of the group. Painter's tape, washi tape, paper tape are all items I use if I'm dealing with delicate paper. I use it to tape a background lightly in place, without damaging it.

Go forth and adhere my friends.





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